Populating the container id in the Field Code CSM-1123 using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!

Is there a way to populate the container id in the CSM-1123 field code using MailStream Plus™(MSP)?
Yes, MSP will populate the container id values on the pallet records in the CSM file. 
The subkeyword ‘MSLPCI’ can be used to add this value with the RP INF, EP INF or BATINF parameters.
For this example, we will use the RP INF with MDCPCI:
RP INF                     MDLPCI 00000001
RP INF                     MDLPPC X123
  • The first 4 bytes of the CSM-1123 will be populated with the value presented by the subkeyword MDLPPC (Mail.dat® User License Code) on each of the pallet CSM records.
  •  00000001 is posted in the 5th byte of the CSM-1123.
  • The container id value is only posted on the P value records in the field code CSM-1005 (position 13 indicating it is a Pallet) in the CSM file. 
  • This is the beginning pallet ID sequence. Each additional container id increments by 1.  And the other P value records will increment to 00000002, etc.
  • The value will be presented as 'X1230000001' then 'X12300000002', etc usiing the parameters in this example. 
UPDATED:  April 12, 2019