EngageOne NA-Batch not creating entries in database tables

Product Feature: Database / SQL
When creating and submitting work items in EngageOne®  server, it creates entries in the database and when "run-channel" is run it makes changes to the status of the items in the tables accordingly. ( TDS_REQUESTCHANNELS and OCM_WORKITEMS), but when "run-na-batch" is called, there are no entries in these tables.

This is because run-na-batch is simply calling a template and running generate, there is no submit work item taking place therefore it will not make any entries in the database. The run-channel operation is doing something different.

The run-channel will run every work item that was loaded for a specific channel, so this would make the entries.

If there is a requirement to review the status, the batch log can be checked to confirm whether jobs have completed.
UPDATED:  May 23, 2019