Importing sample questionnaire styles in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Visual Dialog
Portrait Dialogue is shipped with sample 'Questionnaire Styles' which needs to be imported in Visual Dialogue before using it. Although, Portrait Dialogue also provides the functionality to create custom 'Questionnaire Styles' using HTML/CSS.

Following are the steps to import the Sample Questionnaire in Visual Dialogue:

1. Open Visual Dialogue and navigate to 'Demo Data' > 'Questionnaire Styles'
2. Right click on the 'Questionnaire Styles' folder and select 'Import wizard...'
3. In the 'Import Visual Dialogue Objects' window, click on 'Browse' button and locate the '<Portrait_Install_Folder>\PST\Million Handshakes\Samples\EMarketing Questionnaire Styles'.
4. Double click on 'EMarketing Questionnaire Styles.mhexport'.


5. Click 'Next' in 'Import Visual Dialogue Objects' window.


6. After the successful import, the styles will be listed in the Visual Dialogue with following details.

UPDATED:  October 24, 2018