Updating override options for data flows in Spectrum Enterprise Designer to point to new EGM database release

UPDATED: December 14, 2018

If users are using the geocoding stage in a dataflow within the Spectrum Enterprise Designer to reference the Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM) database, and have overridden the server level settings, an additional check and configuration of settings is required to ensure these are updated to point to the new database release. This scenario applies upon deploying the EGM Australia September 2018 database release and where there are existing dataflows which use the geocoding stage. 

The steps to check this (after updating the database and the license file) are:
  1. Open the affected flow in Enterprise Designer
  2. Ensure the Versions view is visible via View > Versions
  3. Version the flow for backup purposes as illustrated in the screenshot below
    User-added image
  4. Right-click on the geocoding stage and choose Options
  5. If the “Override system default options” checkbox is checked,
    1. Take note of all options currently set
    2. Uncheck then re-check this box to re-read the default options from the server
    3. Confirm/change the override options as required to match the options previously taken note of in step a. above
  6. Click OK to exit out of this dialog window
  7. If this is an exposed service, job or Subflow – re-expose the flow so that calling applications access the latest version by clicking on the lightbulb button in the main tool bar

Environment Details

Spectrum Technology Platform™
Spectrum - Enterprise Geocoding Module



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