USPS PostalOne! not accepting MailStream Plus Mail.dat files for eInduction

Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!
Products Affected: MailStream Plus™
The cause was that the mailing had trays or sacks that were not on pallets or other approved container.  That is a USPS requirement for eInduction.

USPS URLs, references, and page numbers, etc are as of Nov 1 2018 

In this document- the section "Valid Container/Service Types", on page numbered "Page 14 of 106", in a chart it says-
Eligible Container Types
P-Pallet, M-Logical Pallet, H-Hamper (Large Canvas), A-Hamper (Large Plastic), G-PMC, D-ERMC, R-Wire Container (Rigid), C-Collapsible Wire Container, Z-User Pallet, AB-Air Boxes

Loose sacks or trays are not permitted

Also in USPS Pub 685 "Publication for Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats" in the section 4-2 "eInduction Participation Criteria" on page 24, 2b says-
"Sacks or trays which are not included on a container [pallet, hamper, wire container, or all-purpose container (APC)] are not eligible.

The MailStream Plus™ (MSP) job that was ran had no ALG PL parameter, so it was not putting the mail onto pallets.  (Another option sometimes used is to have a post-presort application such as a 3rd-party Mail.dat editor put the MSP-presorted mail onto pallets or other approved containers.)
UPDATED:  December 27, 2018