Enabling UNIX style .DONE files on Windows EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: November 19, 2018

The e2loaderd periodically scans the server/download directory. It looks for candidate files to load. It then tries to move the candidate file to the server/work directory. If this process succeeds, it beings processing the file.

The problem is that if the download process fails, is cancelled, does not stop the rename operation, etc, the file that gets moved may not be a complete, valid load.

For example, some FTP servers write blocks in chunks and close the file in between allowing Vault to move the partial file. Under Windows, some applications open the download file in a way that permits other processes to rename them. And you always have the case where the downloading application cancels or fails during the download.

So the best practice is to stage the download in such a way that Vault will not attempt to take incomplete files.

On Unix, the rename can usually happen even if the file is open by the download process. So Vault will not move any file that doesn't end with ".done" by default.

That is:

- write to server\download\110102-085022-TelcoStatement.afp

- then rename to 110102-085022-TelcoStatement.afp.done when complete

On Windows, Vault will grab any file with an extension it recognizes by default. You have the option of using the .done method on Windows with a setting. For compatibility reasons, this setting is not the default.




Alternatively, you can write the file with a .tmp extension and only when the process is complete and valid, rename the file to remove the .tmp.


- write to server\download\110102-085022-TelcoStatement.afp.tmp

- then rename to 110102-085022-TelcoStatement.afp when complete

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Vault, Windows, All Versions


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