Performing Fast Variations in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance

In Confirm® Variations are created to alter details of Committed work.

The Fast Variation screen enables the user to:

  • View the current Variations associated with a Job.
  • Edit a Works Target Completion Date and also vary Order Items.
  • Create new Variations with the New button on the toolbar.
  • Commit an uncommitted Variation.
Fast Variation screen in Confirm
Variation ListSelect an existing Variation from the grid to view or edit. Any newly created Variations will be listed here. 

The Variations will have their Variation Number, Status, Value and Notes shown in the grid. Further details of the highlighted Variation will be displayed beneath the Variation List.
NotesAn optional, free text field to store notes for the Variation being edited or created.
Variation Date/TimeThe current date and time when the 'New Variation' button is clicked is automatically entered, but can be altered as required. 
Work TypeSelect the appropriate Work Type from the drop down list.

The drop down list references the Work Type Lookup.
External ReferenceAn optional free text field.
Confirmation OnlyCheck this to print the words Confirmation Only across the top of the Variation Order print out.
Target Completion Date - Old The Old Target Completion Date is taken from the Target Completion Date value on the Job that the Fast Variation screen was launched from. The field can not be edited.
Target Completion Date - NewThe New Target Completion Date can be edited by clicking on the date picker icon and selecting a date or by manually entering a date into the field. Editing of the field is optional.

The list at the bottom of the screen shows the Variation Order Items. Existing items can be edited by double-clicking or by selecting and clicking the Detail button. To add a new item click the Detail button and select the New item button on the Variation Item screen.

Click the Commit button to commit the currently highlighted uncommitted Variation. Click the Cancel button to exit, discarding all unsaved changes. Click the Save button to save changes to the currently selected Variation.

UPDATED:  November 26, 2018