Complete Job or Mailpiece file flow in EngageOne Inform

Product Feature: Job and Scan issues
Below is the pictorial view of Job/Mailpiece file is processed.


Following is various stages:
1. The FTP agent service is responsible for picking the job/input file from the Hot Folder. After it has picked the file:
a. It updates the 'input files' table in the Data Manager database.
b. Saves the file in 'Job-Archive' folder after archiving it.
c. Updates the 'mail360-clientbus-input' queue.

2. Once the  'Job-Archive' folder is updated, the client bus services picks the job for further processing and it:

a. Updates the transaction in the 'Client bus' database.
b. Updates the 'mail360-messagereceiver-input' which also updates the Large_Message_Queue table in the Data Manager Database.
c. Compresses and moves the job in the 'bus repository'.

3. Message receiver picks the compressed job from 'bus-repository' folder for further processing:

For further information about Input file processing, refer section 'Input File ingestion processing' in EngageOne inform operations guide.

Following are the list of logs that needs to be reviewed for errors/exception as soon any problem related to Job processing occurs:

1. FTP Agent log
2. Message Receiver log
3. Bus logs.
UPDATED:  November 27, 2018