Starting/Stopping of EngageOne Server 4.X services in Linux

Following EngageOne Server services script are created in /etc/init.d while installing EngageOne Server:
  • eos-composition
  • eos-conversion
  • eos-core
  • eos-security
  • eos-notification
Commands to start/stop EngageOne Services on Linux.
service eos-core start
service eos-core stop
service eos-composition start
service eos-composition stop
service eos-conversion start
service eos-conversion stop
service eos-security start
service eos-security stop
service eos-notification start
service eos-notification stop

If there is need to have a two separate scripts each to stop and start EngageOne services - command to stop five services needs to be part of script that stops EngageOne services and command to start, should be part of script that is supposed to start the EngageOne Services.

UPDATED:  December 6, 2018