Can I install EngageOne Server 4.X without using Root privilege on Linux?

Operating System: Linux
Conflicting information in the V4.4.x documentation where it has different statements about the root and non-root users:
  • On Linux, you must run the installation scripts as root:
  • You must be a non-root privileged user when installing EngageOne on a Linux server..
The documentation for V4.4.9 (currently scheduled for release in mid May 2019) has been updated to say the following:

Depending on your operating requirements, you can install EngageOne Server either as a root or non-root user. If you choose to install as a non-root user, you must ensure that appropriate permissions are assigned. Refer to Running the installation as a non-root privileged Linux user for detailed information.
UPDATED:  March 29, 2019