Changing SQL instance for an EngageOne Designer installation

Product Feature: Designer
Component affected: SQL database
The SQL instanced used by an EngageOne® Designer installation is specified in the BusObj.config file found in the root of the Server folder in your EngageOne Designer installation.

The SQL instance is specified in the following parameter:

        <!-- Database Server Name -->
        <add key="DataSource" value="instance_name" />

If the SQL server instance has changed, this setting will need to reflect the value for the changed SQL instance.

Once this change has been made, it will be necessary to restart the EngageOne Template Designer Application Service.  This controls the communication between the Application Server and the SQL instance\database.

To switch SQL instances, it will be necessary to backup the database from the existing instance, and restore this in the new instance.  This can either be done directly in the SQL Management Studio, or the Repository Configuration Tool can be used.
UPDATED:  December 27, 2018