MailStream Plus Guide's text for POSTFM incorrect as to when other POSTxx parameters are required

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
The MailStream Plus™ (MSP) 8.3.5. 8.3.6, and 8.3.7 Guides incorrectly say for the POSTFM parameter-
Optional: Use POSTFM to post firm ID to the Name/Address file. If you define the POSTFM parameter, you may limit the number of output records to one per firm bundle. When this parameter is not present, MailStream Plus writes all records within each firm bundle to the output file. If you define POSTFM, you must also define the following parameters:
• POSTBI -Location to Post the Original Batch Code
• POSTCI -Location to Post the Container Number
• POSTEI -Location to Post the New Entry Point Code
• POSTLI -Location To Post Pallet Number
• POSTPI -Location To Post the Bundle Number


Actually, POSTFM only requires those POSTxx parameters when *position 12-14* is being used to define the location to post the Number of copies (a 4-byte field), and have MSP output one record for each firm bundle. Then you need to have the POSTxx parameters mentioned and the following positions in the job-
POSTBI - Post Batch Code Information       8 - 10
POSTCI - Post Container Number             8 - 10
POSTEI - Post New Entry Point Information 12 - 14
POSTLI - Post Pallet Number                8 - 10
POSTPI - Post Package Number               8 - 10

The Guide will be corrected in the next MSP release after 8.3.7.
UPDATED:  March 11, 2019