How to add new corporate and professional titles using List Conversion Plus on IBMi

Product Affected:  List Conversion Plus version 6.5.0
Operating System: IBMi

To add a new corporate and professional title using List Conversion Plus on IBMi, there is a table that can be modified.
The table file name is @@TABLES and it is located in the G1@@PGMS library.
The member CRPPRFFILE, has the default values already included that the software uses. 

Locate the member called CRPPRFMODS and edit this to add new values:

** CRPPRFMODS -- Null (empty) MODS File for CORP/PROF Tables.
*   Format of each entry:
*    01-16  Word Text, left-justified
*    17-17  Result Code, as follows:
*             1 - Corporate-Indicative word
*             2 - Professional Suffix word
*             3 - Both 1 and 2
*           Following Additional Codes may occur in table:
*             5 - No good for corporate-indicative
*             6 - No good for professional suffix
*             7 - No good for either
*   Entries which start with an asterisk (*) will be ignored.
*   Non-* entries must not use lower-case for the words.
*   Non-* entries must be arranged in alphabetical order by 01-16.
 EA              2

For example, if the suffix EA needs to be added, add the line:
EA              2
The 2 is in position 17.

*Note you may want to backup the @@TABLES file before editing this file. 
UPDATED:  January 24, 2019