How to resolve an error when using MailStream Plus and PostalOne! with Mail.dat version 19-1 with a Mailing Date prior to January 27, 2019

Products Affected: MailStream Plus™ version 8.3.7
Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!

 PostalOne! error when submitting mail.dat files generated from MailStream Plus™:
Do not attempt to submit a Mail.dat version 19-1 mailings with a .csm Postage Statement Mailing Date prior to January 27, 2019
This reason for this error is because the mailing date is prior to Jan. 27, 2019
RP INF                     ISSDAT 01/22/2019
RP INF                     M3DATE 01/22/2019
RP INF                     WSDATE 01/22/2019
RP INF                     MDMFDD 01/22/2019 R
Now that it is after Jan. 27, 2019, please change the mailing date to a date for 01/27/2019 or later.
UPDATED:  March 11, 2019