Is the format of the CODE-1 Plus US Postal database accessible?

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
No, the format of the US Postal database is proprietary.  This data is provided by the USPS.  CODE-1 Plus has several sub-routines that can be used to extract information from the database.   These are all described in the Reference Guide:

C1PRPT is a callable routine that generates the CODE-1 Plus reports when you call CODE-1 Plus from your own batch driver. The CODE-1 Plus batch driver provided by Pitney Bowes prints reports such as Control Totals, Analysis of Match Records, etc.

C1CTYLKx retrieves a city/state for a given ZIP Code, retrieves a ZIP Code for a given city/state, verifies that a given ZIP Code and city/state combination is correct and retrieves detailed information for a given city/state including the short city name.

G1CPLK enables you to browse the contents of the CODE-1 Plus database.

C1PDBPRT is a callable routine that generates the CODE-1 Plus Database Print Report. You can select up to 100 ZIP Code ranges from the database and print the addresses residing within those ZIP Code ranges.

C1DBSTSZ  is a callable routine that generates the CODE-1 Plus State Sizes Report. You can use this program to determine the total size in bytes of the CODE-1 Plus database and the approximate sizes for each state’s data.
UPDATED:  February 8, 2019