Learning about the C01 update for MailStream Plus 8.3.7 in Summer 2019

Product affected: MailStream Plus™ 8.3.7, all platforms
The USPS will be making some changes June 23, 2019.  *Mainly affecting First-Class Parcel and/or Priority mail, to use Dimensional Weight Calculations.  
Here is a link to a doc Pitney Bowes put out for our clients about the Dim price changes-
We have released a MailStream Plus™ 8.3.7 C01 update (with full information about it.), along with new May Postal Reference Files.  C01 must be used by anyone performing Priority Mail Presorts.
The new May Postal Reference Files that were released near the end of May are compatible for use without C01 installed and with C01 installed.  (They *must* be used if C01 is installed.)

The USPS changes go into effect Sunday June 23. We consider it unlikely that more than few of our customers will actually be affected by the USPS's pricing changes. 

C01 with the new May files will include:
*MSPLUS-10118 - Change to the Priority Mail dimensional weight pricing
 MSPLUS-10135 -  Change to the formatting for the Mail Owner CRID in the Shipping Services File 
 MSPLUS-10188 - Corrected issues with the formatting of some Optional Endorsement Lines (Linux Only)
 MSPLUS-10367 – Updated the Date on the 3600-PM and 3605-R Postage Statements to June 2019

UPDATED:  June 28, 2019