List of CODE-1 Plus Return Codes

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus has a wide variety of return codes based on address look-up and validation.  If executing the C1BM00 batch driver, most of the general return codes can be generated using the AM OUT and AM2OUT parameters.  Each "OUT" parameter also has additional return codes.  The general return code is generated using AM OUT.  If a value is returned in the general return code (CODE-1 Plus was not able to validate an address), you can find out more information on why the address was not validated by using the Delivery Sequence Footnote codes, for instance.  If the general return code is blank (CODE-1 Plus was able to validate an address), there are return codes that provide information such as ZIP Code Status which will tell you if the ZIP was altered, confirmed, unique, etc.

If executing C1MATCHx, the P9OUT copybook will contain all the same return codes.
UPDATED:  June 14, 2019