EngageOne Server end of support dates

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

At end of December 2019, the following versions of EngageOne will be officially out of support:

Version 4.3 (incl. all 4.3.x) 
Version 4.2 (incl. all 4.2.x) 
Version 4.1 (incl. all 4.1.x) 
Version 4.0 (incl. all 4.0.x) 
Version 3.1 (incl. all 3.1.x) 
Version 3.0 (incl. all 3.0.x) 

Service packs are part of the process of keeping EngageOne® Server 4.4 up to date. Service packs combine the latest updates and fixes into one download. A service pack can include security and performance improvements as well as support for new features. Please email: who will provide you with links to download the latest software releases.
UPDATED:  June 27, 2019