MapInfo Professional and using the Universal Translator to translate from .TAB to .SHP

Start MapInfo Professional and then launch the Universal Translator (also called the FME Quick Translator).
(These screenshots are from MapInfo Professional 15.0 32-bit but the basic process is identical in the 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro)
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Here is the FME Quick Translator interface (also called the Universal Translator)
Click on the icon "translate Data" at top left or go to File>Translate Data

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The file(s) to be translated, and the current format is selected at top of dialog.
Here is a translation dialog from .tab to .shp ready to go

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Once OK is selected, the translation takes place and the translated files will be found in the designated

A LOG file is also generated that will indicate success or failure and (usually) why there were errors.
Please forward this log to Tech Support for troubleshooting translation errors.

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UPDATED:  April 12, 2017