How to know why beginning with MailStream Plus 8.3.1, in some cases the Manifest Report's 'grand total' count and postage section for a mailing is no longer produced.

Product Feature: Manifest Reporting
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Up thru MailStream Plus (MSP) 8.3.0 the Manifest Report might have a section at the end like this, with a total for the whole mailing.  In this example there are 800 automation letters, 500 Machinable letters, and 11 single piece rate, for a total of 1311 pieces-

Permit Number     :MAC Ver. Number   :Sequence Number   :Processing Category                           :
                  : R08.3M00         :                  : Letters DMM 235.5.2                          :

Total                                           8 Trays, 1 Bdl, 1311 Pcs, 78.66 Lbs, 2.17741 Cu Ft, 11.19812 Ft


Rate Summary                       Pieces        Postage

Automation 5-Digit (5B)               200         75.200
Automation 3-Digit (3B)               200         79.800
Automation AADC (AB)                  200         79.800
Automation MAADC (MB)                 200         83.800

Automation Total:                     800        318.600

Basic (BS)                            500        226.000
Single Piece (SP)                      11          5.115

Non-Automation Total:                 511        231.115

Total                                1311        549.715

The issue is that each section of a Manifest Report is supposed to have a number in the Sequence Number field, to allow the USPS to match the report back to a specific USPS Postage Statement. 
Because there is no equivalent matching USPS Postage Statement for the grand total section in this example mailing, MSP had to leave the Sequence Number field blank (as shown above.) 

So with the MSP 8.3.1 release, the USPS PAVE group brought up that the sections that do not have a Sequence number because they do not match to a Postage Statement should *not* be included as part of the Manifest Report.  So changes had to be made to the report to avoid that, which required removal of the grand total section (depending on the mailing). 
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017