MailStream Plus on IBMi- What determines what output reports will be printed, where to, and the format, etc.?

Product affected: All versions of MailStream Plus™ on the IBMi (AS400, OS400, iSeries) platform 
A user reported: 
Our new IT department installed the latest release of Mailstream Plus. 
Since that was done, the reports we need are not all printing out correctly and a report that we don’t use *is* printing. 

MailStream Plus on IBMi (as on all other platforms as well) does not control the printing of any reports.  What reports will be *generated* are selected using 'REPORT' parameters such as REPORT USPSSTMT.  Also some reports are automatically generated.  

The generated text-format reports are just saved as files. 

On IBMi the reports are written to spool files.  From there the user can manually print them, or they can have their system setup to automatically print selected report spool files to pre-selected printers. 

The user's IBMi Administrator needs to determine what spool file reports will get printed, and to where, etc.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019