How to find License Expiry information for Doc1 Designer

Product Feature: Licensing
The delivery report provided by fulfilment will detail everything relative to the Designer license, here is an example:

Config. Reference: Designer 3
Status: Full
Product: Designer
Platform: Windows
Server Type: All
MAC Addresse(s): *
Media: *
User Language: English
# of Licenses: 30
Restrictions: Maint. expiry: 05-May-17 S/W expiry: 06-May-19
Optional components: +feature: Line data input +feature: External documents +feature: XML data +feature: Advanced graphics +feature: Hyphenation +language: English +language: Netherlands
Keycode: AN-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (Latest available version as at 31-May-16)

# of Licenses - this informs the user of the number of concurrent Designer sessions permitted at any one time, although this does not restrict the number of machines on which this can be installed
Restrictions: Maint expiry shows when the annual maintenance is set to expire.  S/W expiry is the date the software expires.  If there is no date in this parameter, there is no expiry date.  Designer will warn you when the license is about to expire.
Optional components - this tells the user what options are covered in the license. 
Keycode - all Designer keycodes start with AN, the actual values here have been replaced with xxxx, this is not a keycode that can be used.

If the license has expired, the keycode can be updated through the License Tool in V5.x
User-added image
In V6.x, this is done through Designer when logged on as the Admin user (found in the Tools menu)

Alternatively, the license key can be amended by your SQL administrator in the following tables within your Repository:

dbo.License (V5.x database)
dbo.ProductLicense (V6.x database)
UPDATED:  August 2, 2017