MailStream Plus on IBMi - library backups recommendations before installing a new version

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions  
Operating System: IBMi (AS400, iSeries)
Before starting the installation process, you should back up the functions library (G1@@PGMS) and the product library (G1MSPGMS), or wherever the xx@@PGMS Global library and the MailStream Plus™ xxMSPGMS library are installed on the system.

Because jobs may be 'forwarded' from working with the the old MailStream Plus (MSP) version to be able work with the new MSP version, in case for any reason you might need to revert to the previous version, you might also wish to back up the Work Library(ies) as shown on the 'Work with Jobs' screen shown below

 13:59:21       MailStream Plus Presorting and Reporting System    T   UPCPMM
 04/29/2019                     Have a nice day!                   M   UPCPMM
                                 Work with Jobs                    B   R08.3M
  Type options, press Enter. 
    3=Copy      4=Delete   7=Rename   12=Work with 
    16=Submit   99=Release job lock                       Position to job

             Creation   *------------ Last Activity ---------------* Work 
 Opt JobID     Date     Date        User       Function              Library 
     @AVP@  05/19/2009  10/05/2009  ABC12332   Upd:  Piece Attr      G1IVP   
     @ERIC  04/20/2012  04/20/2012  DEF11111   Job Definition        T1ECT   
     @IVP@  11/28/2006  04/23/2019  GBH23456   Submit Job 0002       G1IVP   
     @PRM@  07/03/2013  07/03/2013  XXX45454   Import Job            NATI1111
     ABCE   11/13/2008  11/13/2008  BD555555   Global Card Def 0001  HARR2222
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019