How to view attribute data in exported PDF files - MapInfo Professional?

UPDATED: August 3, 2017

MapInfo Professional can export to a PDF attribute data along with an image of a map or layout.
To view that attribute data in Acrobat, see the following:

This is a screenshot from Pro 15.2 after clicking on the "create PDF" button and then "PDF"
User-added image

The resultant PDF in Adobe Reader DC is shown here. 
Click on the highlighted icon at left and a tree can expand to see the list of various records exported.
Click on one and then at bottom of dialog to view the attribute data associated with that record:
User-added image

Here is a screenshot showing the PDF in Adobe Reader 11.0:
User-added image

You can also get the Layer and Object properties by clicking on the pdf:

Go to Tools and search/select Object Data Tool
Click on an object to see the Layer properties display or double click to see that object's properties appear in the Model Tree window.

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products affected: MapInfo Professional™


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