How to identify if the MailStream Plus on Windows license has expired or not using the Interface

Product Feature: MailStream Plus Interface
Operating System: Windows
MailStream 8.3.2 or later.

The best way to check your MailStream Plus(MSP) license is to run the License Management report.
Starting with MSP 8.3.2, to run a License Management report, do the following steps:
Go to Start – All programs – Pitney Bowes MailStream Plus – Then select:   MailStream Plus Interface
Once in the Interface, at the top click on: 
Then: License Report
Here you will see 4 tabs:
MailStream Plus License/ Palletization License/ Manifest License/ DuoSort License
Choose the one in question.  For this example, we will Choose > MailStream Plus License
Client ID: 000000000000000
Here will be your Company Information or Group 1 Software if only the Access Key was used
Then you will see:
Product: MU
Today's Date: 08/16/2016
Original License Date: 04/16/2003
License Expiration Date: Perpetual             < here there will be a date if the license will actually be expiring
Maximum Number of Transactions: unlimited

To be used between: 04/16/2014 through 12/30/2016
Date of Last Run: 08/15/2016Total number of transactions for last run:        245,371
Total number of transactions since 04/16/2014  13,252,124    0.00% of Limit

If the license has expired, use License – License Load tab to install the Permanent license downloaded from the site or emailed from Product Fulfillment.
Then go back into License – License Report and make sure the license report has been updated.

UPDATED:  July 27, 2017