How to run EngageOne 3.1.2 with App Dynamics

Product Feature: Administration

Configuration: Websphere

When adding the App Dynamics software to the application server an error is then seen when trying to log into EngageOne:

[11/07/16 12:10:31:207 IST] 000000ae ServletWrappe E service SRVE0014E: Uncaught service() exception root cause SoapServlet: JSPG0036E: Failed to find resource /axis2-web/listSingleService.jsp

To allow both applications to function correctly, a new JVM argument is required:

-XX:-UseSplitVerifier -Xverify:none

After adding this argument the application server will need to be restarted.

More information on App Dynamics can be found at this web address:
UPDATED:  August 3, 2017