How to remove the license for an option in MailStream Plus

all msp versions and platforms
'MailStream Plus' is the basic mail presorting application, and it requires a license to be installed to to run,  
There are also options available to add functionality to MailStream Plus, such as Palletization Plus (to make pallets), Manifest Reporting Plus (to generate USPS-approved Manifest Reports), and others.

Such options are extra-fee, and each require a separate license to activate them.
If you no longer want to have an option licensed, how can the license be removed?

There is no supported way to remove the license for an option(s).
The current license file would have to be removed/renamed, and then new licenses loaded.

For example, if you currently have licenses loaded for MailStream Plus, Palletization Plus, and Manifest Reporting Plus.  And want to 'remove' Manifest Reporting Plus, you would remove/rename the existing license file(s), and then load the licenses for just MailStream Plus and Palletization Plus.

Licenses for MailStream Plus and it's options can be downloaded from  Also at that site the "License Management Guide" is available, which has information about licensing, instructions for loading licenses, and about running reports on licenses. 
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017