On Windows, can MailStream Plus be installed along with other applications such as CODE-1 Plus, on a 'shared server'?

Applies to all current versions of MailStream Plus and newer Code-1 Plus version, on Windows platforms.
A MailStream Plus (MSP) user on Windows asked if it could be installed on a 'shared server'.  By shared server he meant that the application would share the server with other applications like CODE-1 Plus (C1P).

Yes, you can have more than one Pitney Bowes Software application on the same Windows machine.

FYI- In the past, MSP and C1P both used the same common Acucobol 'run time system'.  And there were occasional times when a new release of one of them would install a newer acucobol version, that *might* cause an issue with the other application, especially if the second application was still a very old version.

But at this time (Sept 2016) for the last few releases of MSP and also now C1P, they each have their own separate run time system (in the application's 'rts' folder.)
UPDATED:  March 22, 2017