MailStream Plus - Can MSP produce a standard Flat Non-Machinable mail piece?

Operating System: All platforms


Marketing Flat mail pieces can not be non machinable according to the information in the 240 Commercial Mail USPS Marketing Mail>243 Price and Eligibility>5.0 Additional Eligibility Standards for Nonautomation USPS Marketing Mail Letters, Flats, and Presorted USPS Marketing Mail Parcels indicates Marketing Flats can either be Automation or NON Automation. Note NON Machinable classification does apply to Periodical Flats. 

Additional information the P ATTR parameter is used to produce NON Automation Marketing Flat mail pieces.
The P ATTR parameter position 66 turns on/off automation by placing a [Y/N] in position 66. The Marketing Flat is either automation or NON Automation.
UPDATED:  October 12, 2017