Can customized Market Mail (CMM) be palletized in MailStream Plus

all versions/platforms of MailStream Plus
The USPS has no rules allowing CMM mail to be palletized. 

DMM 243 9.2 Customized Market Mail (CMM)-
e says -
Drop shipments under 246.2.0 and 246.5.0 must be prepared in 5-digit trays or sacks, or as an option, in 5-digit scheme (under L606, Column B), carrier route, or 5-digit carrier routes trays or sacks, labeled as follows:

DMM 245 13.5
b says-
Bundles in drop shipment mailings under 246.2.0 and 246.5.0 must be placed in letter trays, flat trays, or sacks. Bundles in Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute shipments under 705.18.5 may be placed in USPS-supplied or mailer-supplied containers.

So for that type of mail, it has to be taken to the DDU facility, or shipped there using a 'Priority Mail' option.

Since there are no USPS rules allowing CMM mail to be palletized, MSP does not allow palletization to be selected. 

(DMM references as-of Sept 2016)
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017