Can you have the same scan data go to 2 different machines in Mail360 Data Manager?

All versions of Data Manager

Can you have the same scan data go to 2 different machines (for example to a PROD and to a TEST installation?)

The USPS sends data regarding mail piece scans to the Pitney Bowes Software 'Hub'.  Then the Hub distributes it to the correct Data Manager (DM) based on the Mailer ID (MID) in the scan Data.
Say a scan comes in from the USPS with the MID 123456.  The Hub has an internal table that knows scans for that MID go to a specific DM customer identified by a specific certificate/license being used by their DM application.
When any DM queries the Hub for scan data, the query includes the certificate/license information identifying that DM installation, and the Hub then sends back to it all the scan data that is in the queue waiting to go to that specific customer's DM. 

Once scan data has been sent out, it is marked as having been sent, and will not be re-sent again.

It was asked if the same license/certificate could be used on two separate DM machines so parallel testing could be done?

No, there is no way to run two machines in parallel for testing purposes, having them both get the same scan data. As far as the Hub knows, any requests it gets with the same license/certificate identifier is from the same machine. And it keeps track of what data has already been sent, and will not re-send data a second time..

What would happen if it was tried, is that whenever one of the machines pinged the Hub, that DM would get any currently queued data for that license/certificate sent to it. 
The second DM making a request later using the same certificate/license would *not* get any of that same data because the Hub knows it was already previously sent to 'the' DM that is using 'that' certificate/license. 
Although the second DM making the request *would* get any *new* data that had been queued for that certificate/license after the first machine's last query.  
But then later the other (first) DM wouldn't get any of that same data when it made it's next query, for the same reason, i.e. because the Hub has already sent it out.
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017