Confirm - Add percentage item to SOR of a job

Product Feature: Payment Processing
To create a Percentage Adjustment SOR Item: 
  • Set the SOR Type drop-down list box to 'Percent Item'. This will automatically set the Price Per to 100. 
  • Set the Unit of Measure to 'Percent'. If this Unit of Measure is not available then create such a Unit of Measure (SOR Item Lookups). Ensure that this Unit of Measure doesn't have the Rate Uplift checkbox set. 
Here it is also helpful to know how the discount item is created.
  • To create a discount item set the Target Rate to a negative number (e.g. - 1.00). To create a supplement item set the Target Rate to a positive number (e.g. 2.50). 
  • These Items must be added to the Contract Rates (BoQs) for each Contract and Price Factor that may use them. Ensure that the Rate matches the Target Rate of the SOR Item.
Note: Percentage item in SOR Item form is Checked by default. Uncheck this to exclude the value of this SOR item from the total value of the Job for percentage Item calculation purposes 

UPDATED:  April 19, 2017