How to plot or draw new Features on a Map in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Create a new Feature on an existing Site and click the Map icon on the Feature screen to open the Map screen in Confirm®.

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To plot a new Feature use the point, line or polygon drawing tools.

Please note that in order to enable the drawing tools the map layer must have the  'Selectable', 'Editable' and the 'Drawing tools can add features' options ticked on the 'Layer Control' screen for the map layer (accessed by double clicking the map layer required and click on the 'Options' tab). 

Do not use the Georeference tool or you will get the error 'There are not Confirm entity open to accept coordinates'.  The 'Georeference' tool is used to record coordinates and/or a Feature/Site against the following Confirm entities: Defect, Enquiry, Job and Street Works.

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Draw the Feature and save.
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UPDATED:  April 11, 2018