What is the difference between GeoTAX Subscription db and GeoTAX Premium db

UPDATED: March 28, 2017

GeoTAX™ Premium is the name of the new version of GeoTAX™ starting from version 7.x. This differentiates it from the previous GeoTAX™ which has been replaced by GeoTAX™ Premium and the last version of GeoTAX™ was 6.1.4.  The GeoTAX™ Premium 7.x release uses a different data format than previous releases.  The database for the previous version 6.1.4 was GeoTAX™ Subscription data. The new database to be used with this new version 7.0 and higher is the GeoTAX™ Premium database.  The GeoTAX Premium database is not compatible with any releases prior to 7.x.


Environment Details

Product affected: GeoTAX™ Premium


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