Are the MailStream Plus monthly Postal Reference Files (PRFs) released on the same day each month, or when?

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions.

Database: Postal Reference Files

Operating System: All Platforms
The MailStream Plus™ monthly Postal Reference Files (PRF) are released as soon as possible each month.  

All of the data initially comes from the USPS, which is generally received within the first few days of the month.  Although sometimes it is delayed, or even recalled and re-released at a later date.

Then the MailStream Plus PRFs files are built and tested, which takes a couple days.  
A few times a year testing reveals problems with the USPS's data, and that may add 1 or more days to get corrected data from the USPS.

Once the MailStream Plus PRF files are finalized and approved, it usually takes a day or two to post them to the the 'eStore' site and send the availability email notifications out. 

And of course any weekends or holidays during the above processing time-frame affects the release dates, as does any unusual web site or other problems.

NOTE: Each month's files are valid for use for mailings being inducted (or dropped) at a USPS facility during the *following* two month period.
For example, August PRF files are valid for mailings being physically inducted starting September 1 through October 31.
September PRFs are valid for mailings being inducted starting Oct 1 through Nov 30.
UPDATED:  February 8, 2019