How to change temporary password for new users in OfficeMail

[Picture 1] By default, new user is created with a temporary password of "password" i.e.
User-added image

[Picture 2] This can be amended by using the edit function of OfficeMail's DataBase of PIOfficeMail - table - ConfigurationValue at Value for ConfigID 105 e.g.
User-added image
Restart of ISS is required for the change to take effect, the changed password is only applicable to the newly created user after the change.

User has the option to configure OfficeMail so that it will generate unique password for new user by ticking the "Temporary passwords are unique" at the "Security" configuration as shown in [Picture 1] above.
This gives a good measure of security for the OfficeMail User.
A User can always change their password after successful login with the given unique temporary password.

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Products Affected: OfficeMail
UPDATED:  June 19, 2017