How to understand the Possible reasons the USPS 'scorecard' is reporting "undocumented pieces" in mailings for MailStream Plus

MailStream Plus- All versions/all platforms
In late 2016, the USPS is now checking for and scoring "undocumented pieces" in the mailings.  
Per the USPS "Undocumented pieces – Mailpieces scanned on Postal Service mail processing equipment or sampling that did not match the eDoc information."
So the USPS scans the IMb on a mailpiece(s), and the Mail.dat files that had been uploaded to PostalOne! (particularly the PDR or PBC files) did not contain that IMb as having been included in a mailing, and presumably did not have postage paid for it.

There are several possible causes:

As the USPS is checking for, maybe the mail pieces were not included in a presort.

Maybe the wrong IMb was just put on the mail piece, so the IMb does not match one listed in the Mail.dat PDR or PBC files. 

In some cases, the mailer assigned the STIDs (Service Type ID) in the input records.  When MailStream Plus (MSP) ran the presort, some pieces did not qualify for the assigned STID, so MSP changed it, and put the corrected value into the PDR or PBC file.  
But the mailer still used the original STID value in the IMbs on the mail piece, instead of the corrected/updated one that MSP assigned.  
Hence the IMb actually on the mailpiece did not match the IMb that MailStream Plus assigned, and therefore were "undocumented".
Specifically, for one example, a mailer gave all of the letters in a mailing STID 081, which is a Full Service STID value.  
But some of the pieces didn't have the ZIP+4 and Delivery Point Codes which are required for Full Service, and some pieces had Invalid ZIP Codes which also made them ineligible for Full Service IMb.  
For all those pieces MSP correctly changed the STID to 080 in the IMb number field, (which is a Basic/Non-Automation STID.)
But the mailer still used the original incorrect 081 STID in the IMbs on the mailpieces.

 The Move Update verification for Full Service mailings are performed to ensure that mailpiece addresses are updated within 95 days of a change of address request. If the jobs do not maintain this, they may receive an error in their score card testing. 
Error description:
The mailpiece received more than one associated COA record where the later of the COA create date and COA effective date is between 95 days and 18 months (configurable) of the postage statement finalization date.
Resolution action:
Populate the delivery point in positions 21 – 31 of the IM barcode in the .pdr or .pbc file of the mail.dat or Deliverypointzip element in the IMB block of the mail.xml with a delivery point that has not received a change of address notification more than 94 days ago.
Found these guides on the usps sites –
The above issue is not a MailStream Plus issue.  The mailer needs to work with the USPS to address this.

UPDATED:  August 14, 2017