How to configure email notification for administrative operations from EngageOne Admin

Product Feature: Administration
EngageOne Admin allows to send notification on email for various administrator tasks. Refer "SMTP configuration" section under "System administration" in EngageOne Administration Guide. In this example, all template related activities are notified to specific email account.

1) Ensure to set SMTP details and test connection successfully.
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2) Modify event-monitor.xml file to select activities corresponding to which email notification needs to be send. Sample file is attached which captures all template related notifications. Main information being :

<sink name="email admin">
        <config type="smtp">
            <property name="host">111.222.333.444</property>
            <property name="to"></property>
            <property name="subject">Fatal error</property>
                <property name="eventType" include="Error" />
                <property name="processType" value="*.template"/>
                <property name="eventType" include="Warning" />
                <property name="eventType" include="Informational" />

3) Restart Application server.
4) Open EnagageOne Admin, and import the template. 

EngageOne should send email notification to specified email recipient.

UPDATED:  April 18, 2017