Is there any way that MailStream Plus can reject or produce a report that show us any invalid Delivery Point Barcodes

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 8.3.7
Operating System: All

Since MailStream Plus™ (MSP) is not a CASS software, there are no reports designed for validating and reporting records with good or bad DPC values.  In MSP, on the ZIP IN parameter, you give MSP the location of the ZIP+4 and DPC locations.  Then in the MSST00 step, MSP will report on how many records will not be eligible for Automation rates because these values are blank or invalid because they are not numeric values.
When you run your MSP job, in the msrprpt or jobname.prt or prntrpt, there are counts provided :
MSST00A-- MailStream Plus Statistics Generation, R08.3M07,                      Control Totals                                1
Name/Address Records Read, File IN            34,413
  Name/Address Records Processed              34,413         100.00 % OF INPUT
Records Marked as Invalid                          0           0.00 % OF PROCESSED
Records With Valid ZIP Code                   34,413         100.00 % OF PROCESSED
  Total Records Accepted and Forward          34,413         100.00 % OF PROCESSED
  ZIP+4 Coded Records                         25,698               74.68 % OF FORWARD
  Non-ZIP+4 Records                            8,715               25.32 % OF FORWARD
  Carrier Coded Records                        9,341               27.14 % OF FORWARD
    Carrier Coded & ZIP+4 Records              9,341               27.14 % OF FORWARD
  Non-carrier Coded Records                   25,072               72.86 % OF FORWARD
In the example above, this count –
  Non-ZIP+4 Records                            8,715               25.32 % OF FORWARD
This shows how many records have invalid or blank values in the ZIP+4  and/or DPC positions of the input file.
There is nothing more specific to break out values specific to ZIP+4  versus DPC values. 
And there are not features to reject records with good or bad DPC values. 

You would have to run the job thru the Code 1 Plus or Finalist CASS software programs to get specific reports on DPC values or reject records.
UPDATED:  May 13, 2019