How to convert Sagent dataflows to Spectrum 11.1 dataflows

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

The “Converter Sagent to Spectrum 11.0 v5.1” aka " 5.1.0.F01.01.01" version 5.1 has been released and available for distribution. Please inform all the associates who are awaiting this release.
The Installer can also be accessed from the following location on Sagent File Server:  \\noiengfs2\cm\CM\Track\CONVERTER_SAGENT_to_SPECTRUM\Shipped\Converter Sagent To Spectrum11.0SP1

Migration Tool
Sagent to Spectrum migration tool is not very helpful as the plan conversion is only around 50%.
Cases related to migration tool are not raised to support. Professional services directly reaching engineering. Scarcity of professional service experts on Sagent to Spectrum knowledge is also concerning.
There is only one client that has recently migrated from Sagent to Spectrum.

Environment Details

Products affected: Spectrum 11.1 / 11.0, Sagent Data Flow


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