How to find basic PDF Requirements in Officemail

Following are the Officemail basic PDF Requirements for submission via Printer Driver and Auto Submission client:

1. Must not be encrypted - We do not know the password to be able to decrypt and process
2. Must have permissions - You will get an exception if the restrictions means we process the PDF for submission
3. Must have searchable text - Any text required for extraction and processing is searchable i.e. you can copy and paste the text into a text editor and it is readable.
4. Must be A4 or US Letter - Can be portrait or landscape or a mix but it depends on whether downstream processes can handle this. E.g. for email we don’t care
5. Should not use dynamic forms - Where users can fill out forms by inputting data. There are many ways to do this and many ways use JavaScript. There are cases where we can but cases where it does not work and the output PDF has incorrect output or most likely just missing text. We cannot support all.
6. Should not be tagged PDF - There is no functionality to preserve and pass-through tags or generate them from within OfficeMail. Tagged PDF should process OK but we have seen examples where they do not
7. Should have all fonts embedded - avoids any font/text issues downstream
8. Should have all transparencies flattened - avoids any processing and performance issues downstream
9. Should not to use CID fonts
Environment Details

UPDATED:  July 25, 2018