How to configure a Feature Group map layer to use a registered map layer via the Referential Integrity agent in Confirm mapping

Product Feature: Mapping

Firstly create and register the required map layer file in the required .shp or .tab file format (see the help files for this information). Make sure the map layer meets the map layer specifications as advised in the 'Map Layer Specifications' help page for Feature entities.

Now open the Feature Group screen for the feature group you wish to export.

Make sure the 'Do Not Use Confirm Database Map Layer' option is ticked, this makes sure the maintenance of the features are carried out using the referential map layer.

Now select the new registered map layer, created above, in the 'Referential Integrity Map Layer' drop down field. 

Now check the Scheduled Tasks screen and make sure the Referential Integrity Agent is configured and activated. 

Any changes will now be automatically made to the .tab or .shp file by the Referential Integrity Agent, and this can be made available to systems outside of Confirm.
UPDATED:  May 3, 2017