How to find logs for troubleshooting or to debug error in EngageOne

In case there is a need to analyse certain error/exception/issue with EngageOne, logs can be useful in determining or analysing the issue. 
  • Ensure to note the timestamp (date and time) of issue.
  • Incident logs can be located under <EngagaOne_Install_Dir>\active-drive\incident-archive
           More Details:Incidents related to batch execution can be found in folder <EngagaOne_Install_Dir>\active-drive\incident-archive\batch
                              Incidents related to EngageOne Correspondent can be found in folder <EngagaOne_Install_Dir>\active-drive\incident-archive\dca
  • Application server logs can be located at <APPLICATION_SERVER_INSTALL_DIR>/server/log.
Listed information can be useful to understand the issue. It can also be sent to Technical Support for analysis. 
UPDATED:  June 26, 2017