How to view and redeem your Purchase Power Rewards point balance

UPDATED: April 26, 2017

Use your Purchase Power® account and earn Reward points to redeem for postage, gift cards or merchandise. Easily access your Purchase Power Rewards® points using your account:
  1. Sign in to your account. TIP: If you have not created your account profile, learn how.
  2. Under the section, Your Financials, select the link: Purchase Power... View Activity and Account Balances.
Your Financials
  1. The 'Your Financials' page displays your Purchase Power account information. Select the arrow (>) next to 'Balance' to see details.
Purchase Power details
To the right of Rewards Program are your total Points.
Your Financials details
  1. Select the link for your Rewards Program Points to be directed straight to the Purchase Power Rewards site.
 Redeem Rewards points for free postage and supplies from Pitney Bowes in the form of a credit on your account. You can also redeem points for shipping, gift cards, or merchandise.

For more information about the Purchase Power Rewards program visit:


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