How to view and redeem your Loyalty Rewards point balance

When you use your Purchase Power® account, you can redeem points for shipping, gift cards, or merchandise. To view your Rewards points:
  1. Sign In to Your Account. 
  2. Select Purchase Power Line of Credit - Account Overview from the main page, under Your Financials.
  3. Click on your the number of Rewards points, and you are automatically directed to the Loyalty Rewards site to view your point balance, redeem your points, or make a wish list.
Reward Points

infoTIP: Create your account profile to access your Purchase Power balance and Rewards points.
Loyalty Reward Points FAQs
Click on the number of points and be directed to the Loyalty site. Your total balance is listed in the blue bar at the top of each screen of that site.
  • Where to find details about my points?
    From menu labeled, My Account, access your information including:
    • Account Statement - Includes your points summary and transaction history.
    • Order Status - See if your order has shipped.
    • Wish List - Browse the site and add your favorite reward(s) to your wish list. When you've met your point goal, simply add the item to your cart.
  • How do I earn Rewards points?
    Review how to earn and redeem points for detailed information about the Rewards Program.
UPDATED:  November 13, 2018