Vault: How to get the count of number of pages of an bill while using .NET lightweight search API(e2documentexlist)

UPDATED: March 24, 2017

1. Invoke DocumentExList() method to get document list (e2DocumentExList object) from Vault server via light-weight style i.e.
RenderClient2.DocumentExList ( String dbname, string account, int max, out int more)

2. From the e2DocumentExList object returned by step #1, find the e2DocumentEx object(s) from the list. These are the available properties of e2DocumentEx object which can be used for searching:
dbname: the database name of the document
account: the document's account.
date: the document's date.
file: the document's file.
offset: the document's offset.

3. Use RenderClient2.DocumentData() method to get all information of the document i.e.
RenderClient2.DocumentData(file, pointer)

4. e2DocumentDataList object (referred to 'datalist' in below example) will be returned by steps #3.
In order to retrieve the page number information from the document object:

int dl_pages = datalist.GetDocPages();

To retrieve other document information:
string profile = datalist.GetProfile();
string resource = datalist.GetResource();
string format = datalist.GetFormat();
string dl_acc = datalist.GetAccount();
string dl_date = datalist.GetDocDate();
string dl_name = datalist.GetDocName();
string dl_address = datalist.GetDocAddress();

  • .NET lightweight search is available only on Vault 7.0 onwards
  • RenderClient2 is the main class


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