How to change CRID Ownership for Mailer Id in EngageOne Delivery Audit

A CRID is a USPS Customer Registration Identification number, which is assigned by the USPS for each unique business location that is or has been identified in postal systems applications. A new CRID is created whenever a user enters a new address location when signing up for a business account through the USPS  Business Customer Gateway.

Cleint has to contact USPS Postal One representative and provide the Mailer Id information and the CRID 'FROM' and 'TO' information that needs to be changed / updated. Once USPS Postal One representative makes the change 'Outbound' and 'Inbound', scan will not reach the Mail360 HUB. After this, customer has to contact USPS Business Customer Gateway (BCG) and let them know that they want the INBOUND and OUTBOUND scan data to be routed to the Mail360 HUB. Following screenshot demonstrates what customer needs to change in their USPS BCG, so the Mail360 HUB receives scan data from the USPS.

Information to contact USPS Postal One:

(800) 522-9085
Or write to us:
PostalOne! Customer Care Center
225 N. Humphreys Blvd Ste 501
Memphis, TN 38188-1001
UPDATED:  November 20, 2017