Obtaining the Preferred Price Discount on the 3541 using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 
When presorting a Periodicals job using MailStream Plus™, the 3541 has this section:
Preferred Price Discount - Nonprofit, Classroom, Limited Circulation, Limited         :                    :
   Circulation Science of Agriculture (Add line B19, and parts C, D, and E Totals)       :                    :
                                          X .05  (all others enter zero)
According to to DMM this discount is allowed -
1.1.4 Limited Circulation Publications
Publications, excluding Nonprofit, Classroom, and Limited Circulation Science-of-Agriculture publications receive a 5% discount off the total Outside-County postage, excluding the postage for advertising pounds, if eligible copies are mailed at In-County prices and the total number of Outside-County copies mailed for that issue is less than 5,000. Non-subscriber or non-requester copies claiming the Limited Circulation discount are subject to the standards in 7.0.
The current version of MailStream Plus 8.3.7, does not have support for Limited Circulation or Limited Circulation Science of Agriculture, just for Nonprofit and Classroom.
P ATTR position 60 - use N for Nonprofit or C for Classroom

**Note:  This DMM reference is current May 2019

UPDATED:  May 16, 2019