How to understand what a CODE-1 Plus Return Code=99 indicates when running the license management report

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
A CODE-1 Plus Return Code=99 indicates that either the database and software are not compatible, or a file I/O error has occurred. This may also indicate a License installation problem. Check the execution log or report for more information.

Here are some issues that may cause this error if it is license-related:

1.  Not deleting/renaming the g1lmlic and g1lmlic.vix in the c1p/data directory when installing a license on Windows or Unix
2.  Not ftp'ing the license file as ASCII
3.  Not deleting or renaming the original license on the z/OS platform
4.  Not clearing the license file before installing a new license on the IBMi platform

Other issues:

1.  Be certain that the software and databases that you are using are compatible
2.  Check the joblog for a file status error that will provide greater detail
UPDATED:  August 15, 2017