Code-1 Plus functionality/data quality deemed defect with Software

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Test reported Address, when TS duplicates reported issue
  • submit to Software Engineering for confirmation 
Once Engineering confirms as Software Defect, 
  • send a follow-up email to Customer informing issue is a defect in software
  • create a Jira and link to Case
Modify the following Case fields...
  • "status" to Product Change Request
  • "Internal Status" to waiting Development Scheduling
  • "Waiting on Team" to Software Engineering
  • "Severity" to reflect whether (Critical, High, Medium, Low)
  • "Customer Priority" to (Red, Amber or Green) depending on importance
  • "Categories" to DCS Technical Support
  • "Reasons" to Defect
  • "Sub-Reasons" to reflect type of issue encountered
  • "Oher Sub-Reason to Address Issue
  • "Operating System" to reflect platform issue encountered on
  • "Current Version" to reflect the version of the software running at the time of issue


Environment Details

Product Feature: Functionality
Operating System: All


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