Populating the SSF Header record with the Vendor Code using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™

Page 23 of the USPS guide - PUB199IMPBImpGuide.pdf states –
(Version 14 – 4/14/2017)
· The four-character designation will be provided to each software vendor upon successfully completing the Postal Service file certification process.
· The Software Vendor Code (formerly the Unique Developer ID Code) will be the same for every Header Record in the transmission file.
· If you will be using your own proprietary software, please use the following information within the header record of the Shipping Services file:
Software Vendor Code: 0850
· If you will be using a vendor’s system, the vendor will provide you the Software Vendor Code using commercial software for your shipping.

Page 103 of the PUB199IMPBImpGuide.pdf
Header record, position 90-93
Code from vendor software to identify the developer of the shipping/manifesting system.
· Required for vendor’s solution.
· Code provided by vendor software.
· Default is spaces for non vendor’s solutions
Does MailStream Plus™ have a way to populate this value in the Shipping Services File(SSF) file?
MailStream Plus does not have a vendor code for the SSF file as we do not perform any certification with the USPS on the SSF file.
UPDATED:  May 14, 2019